A simple quiz…only 10 million at stake (No Pressure!)

This feels like Deja Vu. It feels like its the 90’s again and i have to come in and try to de-brainwash everyone because a lot of people are being sold a pipedream and a lot of people have gotten lost. Sometimes the best way to get people to think things out (AGAIN) is to put them into a certain scenario and also PUT SOME MONEY BEHIND IT! It makes people really stop and think. So lets do just that. Here is the equation, a problem to solve if you will: A mega-wealthy billionaire comes up to you today and says “Here is my 6’3″ 245 lb son Johnny, he is an athlete, he is a lineman in high school, a standout, he is being recruited by top colleges but they want him to be 290-300 lbs in college and Johnny’s dreams are eventually to go on to play Pro football someday. Johnny is currently at a reasonable bodyfat.” The billionaire wants him to be 290-300 lbs at a reasonable bodyfat in 2 years.” Billionaire: “I have a deal i want to make you. I will pay you 10 million dollars if you can accomplish the following. We will DEXA scan him right now and again in 2 years. We will WADA drug test him every two weeks for the next two years because i want him natural, if he tests positive you are kicked out…again I will give you 10 million dollars if you can get it done. ” What would someone do? What would you do? I KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO!

So the pipedream people in the bodybuilding genre would have you believe is that all you have to do to gain a great deal of muscle mass is to eat only 50 calories over maintenance. Some of the pipedream people would have you believe that a bunch of isolated cable exercises are going to create the massive amount of muscle mass that is needed here on Johnny… to get 10 million dollars in 2 years. Have him eat 50 calories over maintenance? Over the next 2 years? <—that sadly is the pipedream I have seen shoved down so many peoples throats online…..it isn’t even a discussion. You dont create 45-55 lbs with the majority of it being muscle mass in 2 years with 50 calories over maintenance. There isn’t a chance in hell he would even get close to making it, and there isnt a chance in hell you would even get close to 10 million dollars. He would probably gain 8-12lbs if lucky and thats me being very giving….its more likely he would gain 4-6 lbs in 2 years with that route. Kiss tthat 10 million goodbye.

So let me tell you what I would do and I guarantee you I would put myself in the best possible position to get 10 million dollars far above anyone out there selling you a pipedream. I want that 10 million! I would make that kid be a food ingesting, daily cardio doing, progressive strength training, frequent bodypart hitting, human blast furnace MACHINE for the next two years. Instead of 104 workouts over the next two years for each bodypart he would probably be doing 182 workouts or thereabouts for each bodypart (2x every 8 days or so) over the next 2 years. Again I would turn him into a human blast furnace with higher protein/good fats and then enough carbs so he was never flat…and this would increase as he went up the ladder. He would be walking everywhere, EVERYWHERE everyday, id make him park his car in the furthest parking spot of any grocery store, any shopping mall, the DMV, anyplace he goes. Going out to get the mail at the mailbox? He has to walk around the block first and then come back to the mailbox. Take the dog for a walk. Listen to podcasts on his walks. Quality time with girlfriend? Walk……10 minutes there, 5 minutes here, 12 minutes over there. Walk Walk, Walk. Ingest food, + progressive training=human blast furnace, essentially tricking the body into getting larger and larger while trying to keep bodyfat at bay…. sleep, eat, train, walk….again I would turn this kid into a food processing blast furnace. The walking creates the hunger needed to get down the food that is necessary to accomplish this and it creates the blast furnace i need. .. and I would do everything in my power to take home that 10 million. Would I accomplish it? Obviously nothing is written in stone but I think I would accomplish it. I would do everything in my power to be 10 million dollars wealthier in 2 years and that kid would be 290 plus and a heavy slag lifting, metabolic blast furnace monster.

Now thinking out loud, if that would be the process on how to to accomplish a great deal of muscle mass on a football player at a reasonable bodyfat percentage naturally {remember NATURALLY….all you guys that depend on the Turkey Baster for any and all gains of muscle mass don’t look so magic anymore when you dont have the old “ill just crank the mg’s up” solution in there)…so if thats how a natural football player would attempt to accomplish this feat while keeping bodyfat at bay and creating the most hypertrophy episodes per bodypart he could in 2 years, it stands to reason that what works naturally would also most likely be the best course of action to accomplishing things like that enhanced (which is so much easier).

It has been my experience that you cannot make dramatic changes in someone unless you take some dramatic means to do so. The human body wants to rebel at a certain point and its an all out war like I have previously said after the first few years of lifting natural and then the first few years of sauce. Only the people with extreme fortitude are able to force themselves past those telltale sticking points that virtually all others stay stuck on for their lifting careers. It sounds so simple but if you are 220lbs and want to be 240lbs you better be eating like a 260lber to get there. And you have to be meticulous in keeping bodyfat at bay if possible on that journey.

So for the bodybuilding guys who cannot think outside the box above and can only come back with “Well thats a football player what does that have to do with bodybuilding” EVERYTHING! The scenario is so similar. Ill give you a bodybuilding scenario:
We have two twin brothers….Eddy and Freddy…they both have good genetics and currently weigh 200 pounds at 6 foot tall after a few years of natural lifting in reasonably lean shape.

a) EDDY is a freaking maniac….he doesn’t give a crap about his health he just wants to weigh 250 and he doesn’t care what he has to do to get there. He is going to take 2000-3000mg of testosterone a week, on top of boatloads of gh and 4 grams of other steroids….”screw it im going for it” is Eddy’s battle cry. Eddy probably isn’t going to have to eat a huge abundance of food grossly over maintenance level because he is going to be on a surplus of testosterone and bodybuilding drugs that are going to skewer the ratio of hypertrophy insanely in his favor. At some points on his way to 250 he is going to have to increase food intake to keep the scale moving….but like most guys who use a lot of drugs, he is going to think food has hardly anything to do with the equation because ‘christ he just took off like a rocket ship when he added all these drugs in the equation’…no shit Eddy. In my opinion Eddy will gain 33 pounds right out the shoot within the first 6 months to a year and the last 17 pounds will be a little harder to accomplish but he will be at 250 in roughly 2 or so years. (im not quite convinced that Eddy will make it to 38 to 50 years old without having a heart attack, or some kind of kidney failure from high blood pressure with the toxicity that kind of drug abuse brings but Eddy doesn’t give a shit (right now) because his tunnel vision is 250 pounds.

2) FREDDY his twin brother wants to have a wife and family someday. He has set up boundaries for himself…he wants to live to 80-92 years old like his family genetics point to. Freddy also wants to get to 250 pounds just as badly as Eddy but absolutely refuses to abuse himself and maybe die early or have a major health event. He has set his limits on the following. 400mg starting off of testosterone to 600mg of testosterone a week TOPS later on…..and 2ius of GH a day….THAT IS IT…thats freddys rules for himself. Now how the hell is Freddy going to get to 250 pounds? What is the hidden variable in the equation? The only hidden variable that he has is what? ……..{FOOD!}………He (like Eddy) has to train progressively heavier but (unlike Eddy) he is limited to 400-600mg of testosterone and 2 ius of gh a day. I do think he is going to make it but its going to take him a lot longer than his brother….he will probably gain 17 to 24 pounds right out the shoot because of “first cycle gains”…and the last 26 to 33 pounds are going to be a fight/grind/battle no doubt about it…..but i think he is going to make it and it will take him probably 4 years at a minimum and more likely 5 years.

Now again 400-600mg of test, 2ius of gh, progressive training….what is going to be the hidden variable to get Eddy to 250 pounds? FOOD…there is nothing else he can do but to eat his way up to 250 pounds. Is he going to be as impressive or hard as his brother on the route to 250? No he isnt. His brother is a walking pharmacy with a death wish.. So if everyone trains hard, and you arent going to abuse the living hell out of yourself with drugs to get incredibly large….WHAT DO YOU HAVE LEFT TO WORK WITH? You have one thing and one thing only…FOOD.

You saw the football player scenario….If you are a 200 pound bodybuilder…its the same equation….and a lot of people who abuse the hell out of themselves with drugs, have absolutely forgotten the other variables at your disposal because drugs are so magical. So who is selling a pipe dream here? The pipedream “hey eat 50 calories over maintenance” approach which will only work if you bomb yourself with enough steroids and gh….or the “food is your anabolic” approach which is going to take you longer but you might see 44 years old and not die at 38 of a heart attack?

So again for people who DONT WANT to abuse yourselves…and your gear usage is kept within certain safety parameters that you will not go out of….what variables do you have to get bigger? You have hard training which everyone claims to do and you have FOOD.

So what is the moral of the story? Its this……

Transfer the same equations over to bodybuilding….A wealthy billionaire comes up to you and says “Here is my 6’2″ 155lb son Johnny, he wants to be a bodybuilder, I want him to be 230 lbs at a reasonable bodyfat in 4 years. We will DEXA scan him right now and again in 4 years. We will WADA drug test him every two weeks because i want him natural, if he tests positive you are kicked out…I’ll give you 10 million dollars if you can get it done. What would you do? Have him eat 50 calories over maintenance over the next 4 years? <— There isn’t a chance in hell he would even get close to making it. He probably would get to 170lbs if lucky! You ALREADY know what I would do….it involves turning that kid into a progressive overload, food ingesting blast furnace. Tricking this variable into getting bigger and tricking that variable into staying at a certain bodyfat percentage. Walk Walk Walk. ETC ETC ETC

So…..Its the virtually same exact thing these various equations in bodybuilding. If you are a 5’10” 185lb dude and eventually want to be a massive contest winning superheavy…guess what? You need to be 235-255 peeled ONSTAGE to accomplish that correct?….which means you need to be roughly 30-45 lbs over that in the offseason before dieting down for that….that isn’t going to happen at 50 calories over maintenance at 185lbs my friend! The greatest pipe dream you can sell in bodybuilding is that you can stay sub 10% bodyfat and lean as all hell from 150 lbs all the way up to 250 lbs. I have been around a long time and I have never seen it done. You can probably make a big dent in that trip if you want to just juice and GH the absolutely heck out of yourself to try to get there. If you feel a 15 dollar trophy and having a heart attack going to the mailbox at 47 years of age is worth it….thats a choice you can make. So there really is only 2 routes you can take: A) Sauce the living heck out of yourself and look awesome all the way there but maybe find yourself with severe health problems in your 40’s. B) Eat your way up there with a large amount of clean bodybuilding food, look somewhat smoother on that trip than doing route (A) and use the least amount of juice you can to get over every plateau. Food is your anabolic, Gear is your nitrous oxide, keeping active (walking) is you downshifting to slow down when going to fast, progressive training is the turnkey switch that the whole process rides on.

Having 10 million dollars riding on the line changes the urgency of things doesn’t it? Taking away the gearbox solution makes you think things out a little bit more intricately doesn’t it?

Would you walk away with 10 million or are you currently in the “pipedream” crew?

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