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Lutein silymarin MSM Needs more study but is interesting nonetheless          

High Dose Melatonin

Note Omentum = basiclaly visceral fat — Review of high dose melatonin in various studies — Intra-abdominal fat — Look halfway down the page after “The treatment was yet not without (un-?)wanted side-effects” For those who will come in comments and say melatonin reduces testosterone…..

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Click on any of the links below a) Notes by Dante: The below Huai-Qi-Huang is another name for Astragalus b) Grape Seed Extract c) Pcynogenol d) Cordyceps

Extreme Stretching links

Click on any of the links below. This below is the detailed version: Laymans terms below: Meta: And additional: J. Silva,1 R. Lowery,2 J. Antonio,3 S. McCleary,1 J. Rauch,1 J. Ormes,2 K. Shields,2 M. Sharp,2 J. Georges,2 S. Weiner,2 J. Joy,2 and J. Wilson2 1University of Tampa; and 2University of Tampa Human […]